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Search Engine Submission


Attracting customers to your website is best achieved through top search engine listings. Users looking for products online are five-times more likely to conduct a search for a specific product rather than explore search engine "shopping channels" or click on banner ads. Successful submission into major search engines is the first step in utilizing the No. 1 promotional tool for e-commence websites.

Top Ranking Search Engine Submission
Nearly 90 percent of online customers use search engines to find desired products and services. However, only 75 percent of these users scroll past the first page of search engine results. We will submit your website based on relevant keywords to obtain optimal search engine rankings. We tailor each submission to match the type of business and geographic location associated with your website. Our optimization services will build upon a solid foundation to improve rankings within all major search engines.

What Search Engines Don't Like Doing too much can be detrimental when it comes to search engine submissions. Purchasing services that offer weekly submissions is not recommended because it puts your site at risk of being completely banned from certain search engines. Anything more than quarterly submission is unnecessary. Search engines consider these techniques unnatural and define them as spam:

Meta refresh tags
Invisible text and overuse of tiny text
Irrelevant keywords in the title and meta tags
Excessive repetition of keywords
Overuse of mirror sites (same sites that point to different URLs)
Submission too many pages in one day
Identical or nearly identical pages

Automated Search Engine Submission
Our search engine submission service will register your website into all major search engines and more than 3,000 additional search engines. Once the submission process is complete, you will receive a Complete Submission Report via e-mail that that details where your web site was successfully submitted.

Hand or Manual Search Engine Submission
We submit your site to one search engine at a time to more than 40 prominent search engines. When done properly this will lead to hundreds of search engines indexing your site, however most of these engines possess less clout than the Top 40. Successful submission depends greatly on proper optimization. Our experts will take the time to analyze your submit page, title, metatag description and keywords ensuring a smooth transaction.

Search Engine Submission - Search Engine Submission Opportunities

Search Engine Submission
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