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With your hosting account, you have the option of choosing either e-mail forwarding or POP3 e-mail accounts. The number of accounts that are included in your monthly web site hosting fee is based on the level of the account you purchase. What is E-MAIL FORWARDING?
We can forward all e-mail from your domain name to your current e-mail account.
What is a POP3 E-MAIL BOX?
A mailbox that received mail and stores it on the server until it is downloaded by an e-mail program.
What is a "Catchall e-mail"?
A Catchall e-mail account will forward that you have not specifically setup as an alias or POP3 account for. You'll get all mail to your domain name and your customers will not receive mail bounces for invalid e-mail addresses at your domain.
How are my e-mail accounts configured?
Your e-mail is configured through a web interface. This interface is accessible from your on-line site administration area.
How do I access my POP3 E-MAIL BOX? Click Here
It's simply done! Once you've setup your account, our on-line hosting manual will show you just how to do it!
Do you offer e-mail auto-responder capabilities?
Yes. Included with account is the ability to create auto-responders.
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