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Search Engine Optimization through HTML Tags

One of the most important things a legitimate professional search engine optimizer can remember to do is check all of the HTML tags for a page and make sure that they are optimized. If you are unclear as to what HTML is, it is the code that makes up a web page. For everything that a web master wants to do to the appearance of a site, there is a tag to make it work. This works also for search engine optimization.

There are many HTML tags that the search engines include into their algorithms for inclusion into their database. There has been extensive research done we 8 years in the search engine optimization industry, as to the effectiveness of keywords being placed in each respective HTML tag and which search engines use each of them in their ranking process.

We realize that when designing and building a web page the designer is focused on the aesthetics of the page and not about the optimization aspect of development. We cannot only help the people who would like us to design them an optimized website and the redesign sites, but we can also take your current website and optimize it without having to redesign it.

Click one of the links below to see examples and explanations of each HTML tag:

HTML Code to Optimization
Your website's HTML code, its appearance and presentation to the search engine robots, validation results, and more, are all important to search engine ranking and a search engine optimization campaign.

Meta Tags
We explain to you what the meta tags are, what their history is and how they are used now, show examples of them, and what we will do to your META tags.

Body Tags
There are many tags that the search engines take into consideration when deciphering a websites rank. HTML Body tags are useful, how to use them, and which ones we use for optimization.

Title Tag
The Title tag is one of the most important things that you can optimize for some search engines, and can either make or break your rankings.

Meta Keywords Tag
The Meta Keywords tag, while not as important as it used to be, still serves a purpose and plays a role in optimization.

Meta Description Tag
The Meta Description tag, while used by only some search engines, is still important to create and optimize correctly.

HTML Tags Optimization Related Sites
We have compiled a list of tools, resources, articles, and more that we feel will help you in understanding optimization and HTML Tags.

More Resources:

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