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Purchasing an advertising page hosted on established websites is quickly becoming a wise alternative to buying site-wide links. The tactic is called Presell Pages or sometimes content hosting, content exchange, content links page and interactive PR. No matter what you call them, Presell Pages are proving to be a proficient search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. They inform, educate and entice consumers to visit your site and purchase products. Presell Pages deliver targeted consumer traffic as well as increase search engine result position (SERP).

The Perfect Link

Purchasing Presell Pages within our network of high-ranking websites will significantly bolster SERP, traffic and sales. Relevant copy and quality one-way links are just a couple reasons why Presell Pages are often called the "prefect link." Rich content pages with embedded text links are extremely advantageous to SEO. Embedded links point to your front of your online store and sub-category URLs, which simultaneously bolster various pages and sell products.

Here is How It Works
We write an article or use your existing ad copy that informs users about specific products or services. Within the copy are several embedded text links to your site. These links are of great value because they exist on sites with top SERP. A Presell Page is hosted on Site A with links to Site B (your website) and back to Site A, which is considered by search engines to be a natural linking pattern.

Presell Page Benefits Include
Boost positions on all major search engine result pages.
Provides users another entrance to your site.
Links throughout the host site using your primary keywords.
Placement on sites appropriate to your content, which brings relevancy for your pages.
Thousands of internal backlinks to your Presell Page.
Links drastically increase traffic and improve conversion rates. Links to your store will be embedded within relevant content providing quality deep links.
These links appear natural to the search engines, which builds themed link popularity
Point links to several pages on your site spreads link popularity to several pages.
Targeted keyword phrases are completely pertinent text links to pages on your site.

We offer value, options and expertise!
Presell Pages fees are usually placed into an arbitrary abyss. While it's true the price depends on several factors, we've decided to cut the chase and give our clients price and performance security. Link popularity, site metrics and the quality of the host were taken into consideration to develop the pricing model.

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Presell Pages
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