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Interview Training - The purpose of an interview is not to get a job offer -- it's to get the next interview, meeting, or conversation. Practice, practice, practice is the key. Here are some pointers to think about and remember:

  • know difficult interview questions and possible answers before starting to interview
  • understand that the interview is just the beginning of the job search process and that there may be many subsequent meetings
  • think like a consultant when preparing for an interview, so you can present your true value and worth
  • find out where they are in the hiring process
  • know everything you can about the person you are meeting
  • never try to close too soon, for negotiation time may be long
  • do your best, then remember to let it go
  • be sure to have rehearsed, so that your comfort level is high
  • never accept or reject a job until it is offered to you
  • know how to outshine and outlast your competition
  • know who your competition is, then figure out where you fit in
  • always follow-up after an interview, and be sure to have learned how to write perfect influencing letters

An interview is really a time to shine. So develop your lines and look and act the part of a real winner. Be sure to have done your homework and know all there is to know about the company, the position, and especially all about the person talking to you. Remember to be friendly, not only to the interviewer, but to all the people you may encounter in the company, including the receptionist. Have all your questions ready, and don't compromise. Learn how to be sure that you discover in an interview whether this is the right job for you.

Interview Training by

Interview Training by
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